Become a SongTrooper

Overcome creative blocks, finish your songs and learn how to confidently put yourself out there as an artist.

Do it all from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

Work Smart,

Not Hard!

Grow from an introverted Bedroom-Songwriter, hoarding your songs in the confines of your room, into a Formidable SongTrooper and release your best music to your new fans.

Get personalised feedback and coaching for your specific goals, throughout our bespoke 6-week course, taught by Zoom and the exclusive Be Vocal app.

Elevate your vocals, your songwriting, your new idea generation, strategise your practise, your song-completion and develop your unique creative identity to grow into the artist of your dreams.


What do you say in between your songs, when you're on stage?

How do you put yourself out there confidently as an artist?

How do you answer questions with authenticity and integrity when on radio podcasts and TV or YouTube interviews?

Dive deep into who you are as an artist and develop your creative identity which ties together your style, your singing and your songwriting.

We help you answer these questions and more!


We help you build your own personalised routine that you need in order to strengthen your voice, build endurance and look after your voice for long recording sessions, gigs and tours.

Learn to increase your range, control your volume and sing without strain.

Design your sound: Strong, soft, with rough effects and do it safely, with ease and get the right sound on demand!

Learn how to memorise new songs.

Develop your interpretation, spontaneity and improvisation, to authentically add the right feeling to your songs.


Get into a solid creative routine where you don't have to wait for inspiration to hit you.

Learn how to write songs where the lyrics truly mean something to you and resonate with your audience.

Never run out of ideas for verses, bridges or choruses.

Learn how to leverage your time and streamline your process instead of wasting time learning new software or buying new equipment which never actually helps you finish your songs!

What people are saying:

Online coaching for your singing

Super efficient Voice Training

Performance Coaching

Prepare for your next recording

Prepare your singing

Build confidence with your voice

Technique explained in your language

Learn from our experience

Learn effects safely

Overcome vocal fatigue

Elevate your songwriting.

Generate New Song Ideas!


To enquire and enrol on this bespoke course, book a call to tell me about your goals and we will make a plan to begin achieving them.

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